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Trévoux : a stopover, weekend or vacation route :
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Sleep as you dream: in the calm of the village of Quincieux, 5 minutes from Trévoux, in the countryside and the tranquility of a beautiful old house with renovated rooms. Your vehicle “sleeps” safely in our private parking lot and you get full catering services – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You are in confidence because the hotel benefits from the Logis label.
All the essential small shops are nearby and your tourist stay allows you to quickly reach the Rhône, Ain and Isère regions.
It is also an ideal stopover on the way to or from your vacations, whether you come from the north, Brittany, Alsace, Paris or further afield as we have loyal customers from England, the Netherlands or Germany. Can you resist the charm and sweetness of a country lunch in the coolness of the plane trees, in the land of the capital of Gaul and gastronomy that is Lyon?


For a weekend stay, you prefer calm, relaxation, warmth and gastronomy. A few minutes from Trevoux and Villefranche-sur-Saône but you are disconnected from the vicissitudes of the city: read, dream, visit the nearby surroundings and enjoy the pleasures of a gourmet table “refined in its simplicity.


The hotel is also ideally located for professionals within the framework of a Business Stopover, a few kilometers from Lyon (20 minutes), Villefranche-sur-Saône and Trévoux: relaxation and good food, easy and secure parking and quick access via the A6 / A466 freeways and the Eastern bypass of Lyon.


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Hotel and Restaurant, Tante Yvonne offers all the services that make your stay more pleasant:

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Trévoux and the Sâone valley : a region rich in diversity : take a walk

Between Saône and Rhône, close to the motorway accesses, north of Lyon, halfway for the inhabitants of the North of France, Paris and Brittany and the West who wish to go skiing in the Alps or in Switzerland, the hotel Tante Yvonne – ideally located 5 minutes from Trévoux, in Quincieux, a small village located north of Lyon and close to Villefranche sur Saône – is the ideal “base camp” to explore a region rich and diversified in heritage, culture, changing landscapes and numerous visits: the Dombes and its ponds (Ain), the Beaujolais and its vineyards, Lyon and its museums… There is no shortage of discoveries in this destination that will amaze many!



You have so much to discover!

to discover

Enjoy your stay in our region!

If you are in the region for a stay or a short stopover, you will be surprised by the charm of the landscape of the Caladois valleys as well as the small typical Beaujolais villages located in the middle of the vineyards. Built in golden stones, ochre-colored limestone specific to the region, they are an emblematic symbol of this territory.
If you go further north, you will discover the vineyards that make the reputation of the Beaujolais region, from the outskirts of the capital to the foot of the wooded hills of the commune of St-Cyr-le-Chatoux in the west, to the edge of the Saône river in the east.

Villefranche, gem of the Beaujolais
In the center is Villefranche-sur-Saône, capital of the Beaujolais region, a true showcase of many cultural treasures. Art lovers, you are in the right place. The Paul Dini museum and the Maison du patrimoine will reveal to you the jewels of the city. You can even discover the courtyards as well as the Renaissance houses, most of which are listed: enjoy the hidden treasures of the old town.


Following the wine road to St-Julien, you will discover the new museum that glorifies the famous master of experimental medicine and child of the country: the Claude Bernard museum. Further on, the Prieuré museum in Salles-Arbuissonnas allows you to discover the last Romanesque cloister in the department.
In the surrounding countryside, the castles that were built in the area bear witness to the imperial life that Beaujolais knew during the medieval period: Jarnioux, Montmelas, the castle of Sou in Lacenas or the manor of Epeisses were all built between the 10th and 14th centuries.
During the same period, beautiful chapels and Romanesque churches were built, such as the chapel of St Bonnet in Montmelas, the chapel of Chevennes in Denicé, the chapel of St Paul in Lacenas, the chapel of St Catherine in Jarnioux, the chapel of Ouilly in Gleizé and finally the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame des Marais, which is a testimony to the religious fervor of the inhabitants of Beaujolais.
All this calls for the discovery of the small heritage of the country as for example the crosses of ways, the wash houses or other wells and low walls scattered all along the roads of the territory.
Between Villefranche-sur-Saône and Lyon, visit the Henri Malartre museum of old cars in Rochetaillée: nearly 200 cars and cycles, including 20 unique models in the world!



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